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What is paid?
– One-day school trips
– Class trips
– Trips lasting several days and excursions with nursery.
For whom is it paid?
For nursery children, students under 25 years of age who go to a general or vocational school and do not receive a education allowance.
How much is paid?
– The actual costs
(as part of legal education provisions),
– mostly everything.
How does it work?
There is a difference depending on whether you want to go on a one-day school trip or a class trip:A One-day excursions
If a day trip or hike is planned, you’ll receive a parents‘ letter from the school. This letter will include the destination, date of the trip and the amount that your parents must pay.Pro Arbeit can pay all of the travel costs for you.For this, simply take the form AUSFLÜGE & KLASSENFAHRTEN (EXCURSIONS & CLASS TRIPS). Your parents complete the front page, include the parents‘ letter and send everything together to Pro Arbeit.Pro Arbeit will check everything. Your parents will receive a notice. The costs will be transferred to your parents‘ bank account.

B Trips lasting several days/class trip
There will be travel and accommodation costs if you want to take part in a class trip. These costs have to be specifi ed in good time before the start of the trip.

Pro Arbeit can usually cover the travel costs completely.

For this, simply take the form AUSFLÜGE & KLASSENFAHRTEN (EXCURSIONS & CLASS TRIPS). Your parents complete the front page.

The school or nursery should complete the back page.

The completed form must be sent to Pro Arbeit. They will check everything. If everything is in order, Pro Arbeit will transfer all of the travel costs directly to the specifi ed school or class account.

What is NOT paid?
– Pocket money for additional expenses during the trip, e.g. for an ice cream or snack here and there.
– Normal basic commodities, e.g. travel bag, swimming things, slippers, even if they are on the packing list.
Don’t forget:
– Parents‘ letter from the school/nursery
– Confi rmation from the school/nursery on the back page for trips lasting several days
– Notice from the Wohngeldstelle (housing benefits office)
– Notice from the Familienkasse (family benefits office) (Kinderzuschlag)