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What is paid?
Lunch together
– at kindergarten/nursery
– at school
– at a municipal after-school centre, if the school is jointly responsible (and a cooperation agreement exists).
For whom is it paid?
For children at kindergarten/nursery and students under the age of 25 who go to a general or vocational school and do not receive an education allowance.
How much is paid?
The costs for lunch in full.
How does it work?
If you want to eat lunch together with others in a canteen, at school or kindergarten Pro Arbeit can cover all the costs in full for you.

For this, simply take the form MITTAGESSEN (lunch). Your parents complete the front page. The school or kindergarten fill in the price, etc. on the back page.

The complete form must then be sent to Pro Arbeit. They will check everything. Your parents will receive a notice. The costs will be transferred to the provider (school, caterer, club, nursery, etc.).

Don’t forget:
– Notice from the Wohngeldstelle (housing benefits office)
– Notice from the Familienkasse (family benefits office) (Kinderzuschlag)