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Poor marks? And now?
Sometimes students have difficulties understand a subject’s content. In this case, the marks in their class work or school reports are bad. Maybe you’re familiar with this. The Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket provides you with support to improve your marks.
Who can apply?
Students under the age of 25,
– who go to a general or vocational school
and do not receive an education allowance and
– who have poor marks.
For how long can tutoring be given?
Tutoring is initially only permitted until the next school report. You must then submit your report. If you need more tutoring, you have to make another application to Pro Arbeit.
How much tutoring is possible per week?
Pro Arbeit can pay for you to have tutoring lessons for two subjects for two hours each per week.
How much is paid?
Pro Arbeit can pay the costs in full for you.
How does it work?

If you need tutoring, you can make an application with Pro Arbeit so that all costs are covered.

For this, simply take the form LERNFÖRDERUNG (learning support) Your parents complete the front page and sign the applications.

The back page must be completed by the school. It is important that it states exactly why you need extra tutoring outside of school. Your teachers know you best, which is why only they can recommend you for tutoring.
You then give the form to the tutor or the tuition agency you would like to go to. Their details are also important and should also be on the back of the form. If you have decided to have private tuition (e.g. from a mathematics student), the SELBSTAUSKUNFT (self-assessment) form must also be completed.

The completed form must be sent to Pro Arbeit. They will check everything. There may be questions about the application to the school. If so, those processing the application will contact your parents or the school. If everything is in order, your parents will receive notice and your tutoring can start. Pro Arbeit transfers the tutoring costs directly to the tutor or agency.

What else is important?
You have to go to support lessons and other free learning services offered by your school first. Pro Arbeit can only pay for extracurricular tutoring for you if there are no or only insufficient opportunities at your school.
Don’t forget:
– School report
– Notice from the Wohngeldstelle (housing benefits office)
– Notice from the Familienkasse (family benefits office) (Kinderzuschlag)
– Self-assessment form from the tutor for private tuition