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What is this?
Twice a year there is a grant to buy school materials, such as books, pens, workbooks, calculators or pay for additional learning material or copier money.
For whom is it paid?
For students under the age of 25 who go to a general or vocational school and do not receive a education allowance or student „BAföG“ grant.
Wie viel wird bezahlt?

Neu ab 2021:

– € 103 on 1st August (beginning of the school year),
– € 51,50 on 1st February (beginning of the second half of the school year).
Incidentally, the amounts will increase again in the next few years!

How does it work?


Families who receive benefits from the Jobcenter receive the payment for children in years 1 to 9 at school at the same time as the monthly benefits for August and February.

Students aged 15 and above must send a school certificate.

How does it work?

Kinderzuschlag | Wohngeld
Families who receive Wohngeld or Kinderzuschlag can apply for the flat rate payment from Pro Arbeit.

For this, simply take the form SCHULBEDARF (school supplies). Your parents complete it and include a school certificate if you are aged 15 or above. Everything must then be sent to Pro Arbeit. They will check the application. Your parents will receive a notice. The grant for school supplies will be transferred to your parents.

Don’t forget:
– Notice from the Wohngeldstelle (housing benefits office)
– Notice from the Familienkasse (family benefits office) (Kinderzuschlag)
– School certificate for those aged 15 or above