Explanation on social and cultural participation

Since 2011, Leistungen für Bildung und Teilhabe (benefits for education and participation) have been taken into consideration for children, teenagers and young adults in addition to their regular monthly requirements.

This includes taking over the costs for social and cultural participation, (sports, cultural life, music school and leisure activities).

  • Who can apply for these benefits?

    Children and teenagers under 18 years, who receive benefits in accordance with Book II of the Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB II), Book XII of the Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB XII) – German Social Insurance Code, the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (AsylbLG – Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act), housing benefit (Wohngeld) or child benefit (Kinderzuschlag).

  • What does “Benefits for social and cultural participation” mean?

    These benefits should make it possible for children and teenagers to join a club, to play an instrument in a music school, to participate in holiday leisure activities etc. For this, a sum of money of EURO 10 per month or a total of EURO 120 is available per year which can be used for the things the children show interest in:

    • Membership fees and contributions from the fields of sports, play and culture, such as the football club or ballet lessons etc.
    • Lessons in arts subjects, such as extracurricular music lessons or lerning an instrument (flute, violin, guitar etc.)
    • Supervised activities in cultural education such as a guided visit to a museum and a painting course etc.
    • Participation in leisure activities such as a fire brigade leisure time activity or a theatre project lasting several days.
  • How does it work?

    Has your child already decided whether it wants to join a football club, or play an instrument, or participate in a holiday leisure activity? Then please submit an application. To do this, simply take the form MACH MIT : : Sport, Musik & Freizeiten (Sports, music and leisure time activities) : : from the “Komm – Mach mit” checkbook and complete the front page of the application. Please ask the provider (the football club, music school etc.) to complete the rear page of the application. Submit the finished form to Pro Arbeit.

    Your Administrator will check the application and transfer the money directly onto the stated account if it is approved.

    If your child has not yet decided which activity it wants to try, you can tick the following on the front page of the MACH MIT : : Sport, Musik & Freizeiten (Sports, music and leisure time activities) : :
    Initial application to comply with the deadline – I have not yet decided on an association/activity.
    Submit this application to Pro Arbeit. In this way, you will not lose any benefits. As soon as your child has decided, use the next application form from the “Komm – Mach mit” checkbook and continue the process as above.

  • How is the benefit performed?

    The payment is transferred monthly (maximum EURO 10 per month) or as a lump sum (maximum EURO 120) directly onto the account stated by the provider (back page).

    If a child has not decided yet, the money can be saved for maximum one year.

Guidelines for completion of the applications KOMM – MACH MIT
You may claim the costs from the beginning of the month in which the application is submitted. Applications can be made for children, teenagers and young adults if they are under 25 years, attend school and do not receive training payment. Applications can also be submitted for children if they go to nursery school. Please find more details on the application forms.

Important guidelines on data protection
Your data will be processed in accordance with the legal regulations (§§ 60 to 65 Book I of the Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB I - German Social Insurance Code) and the § 67 a, b, c Book X of the Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB X). Your data will be kept confidential (social secrecy principle).